Franchise RealEscapeRoom and concepts

Are you also a fan of real live escape rooms?
Or you just see a good business opportunity in opening one up in your area?
Here is the good news for you: during the creation of our beloved RealEscapeRooms, we collected the know-how of building such rooms. We are also proud that our challenges got far from "here-is-a-lock-open-it" type of games by developing our own controlling software solutions, light effects and techniques. We go beyond just a lock and open it!
Our rooms are a real experience, full with effects.

It would be too bad to keep this know-how for ourselves. Let's join forces and bring advanced real live escape room games to your neighborhood!

We offer for franchising:
Ready concepts
– 5 fixed real live escape games with different setups, puzzles and themes.
– Or a total new unique escape room
Fixed royalty / contracts
– Fix royalty fee. We do not charge based on your profit.
– No need to disclose any business secrets.
– Flexibel contracts according to your needs.
Free training
– We train max. two members of your staff here in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) for free.
No support fee
– We provide support free from any charges.
– Operation manual and marketing manual are included in the entry fee.

We offer for concepts (no franchising, but the ideas, knowledge and set ups):
– A total new and unique escape room idea.
– You can brand it under your own businessname.
– Includes all knowledge and techniques.
– One concept, one price (no royalties afterwards, it all yours)
– Training

Interested? Shoot an email or give a call to explore this opportunity